BTFI Reflective Questions

Are you interested in promoting global citizenship? Are you interested in participating in the next Environmental workshop?

Are you interested in being an active participant in our upcoming environmental events?

Are you willing to share your environmental expertise?

Would you like to become a partner and support us in one or several ways?

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2 thoughts on “Getting Involved

  1. Raising awareness among people about ecological practices-

    We can get government involved to take measures for good ecological practices.
    We can have a curriculum in school regarding good ecological practices.
    We can celebrate festivals relating to this.
    We can have rallies and marathon dedicated to the cause.
    We can have summits and conferences to make people aware.
    A company can share its waste audit with its employees to help them know the amount of non biodegradable waste generated by them so they can take steps to reduce it.

    Getting people involved to eradicate poverty around the world-

    We can take help of political leaders to urge people to support.
    We can take steps at international level so that developed economies have the responsibility of sharing their power and resources with poor countries to make world a better living place.
    We should also involve the poor people in this, we should help them know their rights and what they can do about their present condition.
    We should organize poor people together so they can help each other.
    We should provide proper education to all.
    We should provide proper health services to poor also.
    We should encourage entrepreneurship so we can create more job opportunities.

    Marketing plans to increase engagement-

    As this is digital age we can take help of internet to a great extent to help achieving our goals.
    We can start blogging about our work, aims and plans which will be engaging for people.
    We can use facebook,instagrams, snapchat, whatsapp, linkedin and other social media to get people involoved.
    We can organize events to get people involoved.
    Then we take feedback about our work from people.

    Working remotely to ensure board members work by laws-

    We should have small chats so as to create personal contact which will help creating trust among ourselves.
    We can have regular skype meetings.
    We can have regular reports submitted so as ensure about the amount of work and the method used.
    We can have group chats to know daily updates.
    We can award people for their contribution so they can take pride of their work.

    Achievable goals-

    Reducing waste by 20% in a year.
    Increasing awareness by 50% in a year.
    Start usage of biodegradable products upto 30% more.
    Getting collaboration with 50 companies to work towards reducing carbon footprint.

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