Aside from contributing to environmental development projects in targeted communities, BIOTECH FOUNDATION, INC. ™ will also invest in the formulation of an online library. The online library will include a collection of resources about good environmental practices that will benefit people from around the globe. Contents of the online library include electronic books and journal articles. It is important to build a library of resources as reference points for individuals or organizations that would need guidance about projects and actions to address environmental issues. The online library will also provide information for those who are interested in learning more about the environment and environmental issues.

Developing an online library, is a scientific project that could benefit the proposed environmental service business in addressing environmental issues, raising awareness and spreading information about these problems. These are significant solutions to mobilizing people and communities to engage to resolve them. Building an online library could be one of the ways to raise awareness and spread information about environmental issues. Another advantage of building an online library is that information would be reliable as the contents would glean from industry reports and other reputable sources. The proposed environmental service business could also sponsor research studies aimed towards the exploration and understanding of environmental issues and phenomena.

BIOTECH FOUNDATION, INC. ™ could also sponsor research studies to build its reputation. The goal is that the organization will invest in research studies and data mining, it would be able to prioritize important issues that aligned with its goals and objectives. Part of research could include the feasibility of its proposed plans and programs. The organization may then build its online library by sponsoring research projects or purchasing research studies conducted by independent researchers and scholars. This is a way for the organization to improve its image and reputation by providing information or knowledge about environmental issues, solutions, and practices.

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