One of the measures of the success of environmental service businesses is the quality of their programs. Companies that succeed in efficiently addressing ecological programs, often on a larger scale, win awards, including the Eco-Business Award. National and international award-giving bodies observe and assess the practices and operations of businesses yearly. Assessment of business practices and operations is based on ecological standards that define the impact of businesses on the environment and the efficiency of the business in addressing ecological issues, among others.

Earning an Eco-Business Award® for an organization is essential because it improves its image or reputation in the environmental service landscape. With a positive image and reputation, the business would more likely draw support from potential donors and business partners, and local or international communities and organizations that share the same goals and objectives. Accomplishing this goal, however, would take time. BIOTECH FOUNDATION, INC. ™ will not be able to gain awards immediately because award giving bodies would need to deliver their proposed plans and accomplish projects to prove that it deserves an Eco-Business Award. The organization also needs to show that its practices and operations bring about the significant positive impact on the environment or that the organization has developed innovative means to address various environmental issues. For the organization to succeed and to gain supporters, it needs to work towards the goal of achieving an Eco-Business Award®. BIOTECH FOUNDATION, INC. ™ should glean information about the standards and guidelines to accomplish and Eco-Business Award and create projects that would meet them.

Requirements to receive an Eco-Business Award® include the following:
Requirements for Achieving Awards in Ecological Consciousness, Activity, and Sustainability
• An experienced and knowledgeable management team that is aware of environmental issues
• Practices and operations that are environmentally sustainable
• Products that aim to address environmental issues and problems
• Promising customer feedback
• Adequate revenue to create and accomplish environmental projects
• Milestones of achievements and consistency in fulfilling projects for three years or more
• Use of energy efficient facilities and instruments in the workplace
• Actively engaged in spreading awareness about environmental issues

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