Global citizenship refers to actions that reflect unity or camaraderie with the world community. As a global citizen, an individual identifies himself as a citizen of the world instead of a citizen of their country (McIntyre, 2003; Schattle, 2008). As a global citizen, one becomes concerned and involved with various issues that affect global communities. Developing a global citizenship program is important in engaging local and international populations. The most successful organizations are those with widespread reach and influence locally and internationally. Such is the goal of a Global Citizenship Program – for the group to become a force in mobilizing people around the world to engage in environmental programs and plans to promote sustainability and address environmental issues and problems. The real essence of global citizenship is to encourage the willingness of people around the world in participating in initiatives that resolve environmental issues (Shallcross & Robinson, 2006).

BIOTECH FOUNDATION, INC. ™ will be looking for people locally and internationally to engage in helping Haitian and American communities. The organization needs volunteers to participate in the mission and assist in restoring forests and agricultural lands in Haiti, and engaging in zero waste management practices, and cleaning up wells and water sources in the US. Global citizens involved in these projects will also work on obtaining water samples in some communities in the US and installing filtration systems to bring clean and safe drinking water to American communities. People who would be joining the mission will not only gain considerable experience and apply their knowledge and skills, but also achieve a sense of fulfillment in helping other people who are in need as global citizens. Interested individuals may sign up as volunteers or to free positions in the organization. The team will be looking for social workers, engineers, and builders to help it realize its mission.

Developing a global citizenship program is crucial for potential business partners because the organization’s goal to expand or widen its reach signals the possible following for the enterprise. Within this context, donors and trading partners would view their contributions to the organization in terms or return of investment. Hence, they would be willing to invest in the proposed business because they know that the group plans to establish a large following for its activities. Furthermore, a global citizenship program is a good way for the team to gather resources. By encouraging and motivating people around the world to take part in the organization’s plan, it would lead to greater environmental success. For example, helping the organization realize its goals whether it is by providing funding, contributing their knowledge through research, or by offering their skills and capabilities through volunteerism or by applying for positions in the organization.

Through the global citizenship program, the organization would also be able to build a network around the world. In the coming years, the agency may determine locations around the world where people are engaged and support the team. Information about this is important in determining areas for expansion and in using networks to conduct research about zones or regions around the world that need attention regarding environmental solutions. This would allow the organization to expand its services and extend help to communities that are in need of protection or resources for survival.

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