The purpose of conducting online workshops is to extend the coverage of the workshop to reach those who would not be able to attend the onsite workshop but are still interested in the event. Aside from extending or widening access to the business’ environmental workshop, conducting online environmental workshops will help the company promote its agenda and services in cyberspace. Doing so would be beneficial to our community because of the broad reach and network of the Internet, particularly through social media. The advantage of online environmental workshops is that users would be able to participate during their desired time or time of availability and selected location. Since another goal is to attract donors and business partners, BioTech Foundation, Inc. ™ may ask for a small fee from subscribers who would be participating in the workshops. In this way, the organization may raise funds for providing information and resources to users.

The proposed online environmental workshops will introduce the issues facing people from around the globe. The workshop will be a four-part series that tackles global environmental problems, environmental degradation, deforestation, waste management issues, lack of clean and safe drinking water, and the role of people as global citizens in helping to resolve the other environmental problems. Since participants will engage in the workshop online, they have the option to access a live streaming of the onsite workshop or to participate in the guided workshop where they will explore online content by themselves. The online workshop will introduce environmental issues and provide data about the severity of the problem. Furthermore, the workshop will also shed light on the role of individuals as global citizens and the government in solving environmental problems.

The final series of the online workshop will include a discussion of what the organization aims to accomplish. With sufficient funding, the organization would be able to meet its target of providing sustainable resources to the engaging participants. This includes restoring natural resources in the targeted area in the globe, particularly forests and agricultural lands, promote zero waste management, and bring clean and safe water to targeted communities. The types of online media resources include videos, articles, research studies, and think pieces about environmental issues that educate users about environmental matters or influence them to take part and contribute to the organization’s causes.

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