The purpose of BioTech Foundation, Inc. ™ is to increase awareness of practical and ethical environmental activities that increase awareness of environmentally friendly engagement worldwide. We are a group of scientists, researchers, educators, policy experts, entrepreneurs and students from around the world working collaboratively to make a difference for the advancement of social awareness to benefit our planet earth. BTFI functions on the basis of science and technologies; we provide information on urgent threats with practical solutions.

The mission of BioTech Foundation, Inc. ™ is increase awareness of “eco-friendly practices through a global citizenship network.” Our undertaking focus on informing and mobilizing individuals, empowering communities to engage in eco-friendly practices; promoting unity with the diverse cultures, and transforming society through science and technology programs. We focus on environmental friendly practices by rewarding and endorsing Eco-businesses.

Encourage good environmental practices and promoting global citizenship. We are connecting and building with individuals and organizations that are striving towards an environmental friendly earth. In the process, we exchange knowledge, build relationships with people all over the world to commit to developing better understanding and promoting a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Our standards focused on the principle of global citizenship, collaboration, and engagement in environmentally friendly practices.