Funds to Create Ecological Businesses

Green businesses are those that develop or implement practices and operations for environmental development or to address existing environmental problems. Examples of green business include facilities that collect plastic and other non-biodegradable materials for recycling or those that filter water to produce clean and safe drinking water. BIOTECH FOUNDATION, INC. ™ is an ecological business because it aims to contribute to environmental development and preservation. BIOTECH FOUNDATION, INC. ™ however, needs resources to accomplish its proposed projects. Drawing interest in projects such as fundraisers and asking for donation are complex tasks that necessitate strategic planning. For people or organizations to contribute funds or donate, they must, first and foremost, care about the goals or objectives of green businesses. Hence, the company must have established a clear mission, vision, philosophies, and goals that do not merely address environmental issues or situations but are also socially relevant. The relevance of the business’ goals and the causes that the organization supports are important factors that influence the behavior of potential donors and trading partners towards the green business. For this reason, fundraising activities and events must be tied not only to the ultimate goals and objectives of the firm but also to relevant issues that necessitate action. The importance of raising funds and donating for the proposed plan is justified by the severity of the problem, the impact of the problem on the environment and communities, and the need for immediate response.
Fundraising could be in the form of direct solicitation from potential donors through letters or face to face meetings and discussion. Through these strategies, the organization may be able to introduce its projects to potential donors and ask if they would be able to provide funding. One strategy to accomplish this objective is to approach individual or group donors that share the same values as the organization. For example, environmental activists, philanthropists that support environmental causes, and other public and private agencies with similar practices and operations. Other fundraising projects include activities such as charity galas or dinners, contests, marathons, and other promotions where participants would pay for small fees to join events.

Eco-business Awards™
One of the measures of the success of environmental service businesses is the quality of their programs. Companies that succeed in efficiently addressing environmental programs, often on a larger scale, win awards, including the Eco-Business Award. National and international award-giving bodies observe and assess the practices and operations of businesses yearly. Assessment of business practices and operations is based on environmental standards that define the impact of activities on the environment and the efficiency of the business in addressing ecological issues, among others.
Earning an Eco-Business Award™ for an organization is essential because it improves its image or reputation in the environmental service landscape. With a positive image and reputation, the business would more likely draw support from potential donors and business partners, and local or international communities and organizations that share the same goals and objectives. Accomplishing this goal, however, would take time. BIOTECH FOUNDATION, INC. ™ will not be able to gain awards immediately because award-giving bodies would need to deliver their proposed plans and accomplish projects to prove that it deserves an Eco-Business Award. The organization also needs to show that its practices and operations bring about the significant positive impact on the environment or that the team has developed innovative means to address various environmental issues. For the organization to succeed and to gain supporters, it needs to work towards the goal of achieving an Eco-Business Award™. BIOTECH FOUNDATION, INC. ™ should glean information about the standards and guidelines to accomplish and Eco-Business Award and create projects that would meet them.
Requirements to receive an Eco-Business Award™ include the following:
Requirements for Achieving Awards in Ecological Consciousness, Activity, and Sustainability
• An experienced and knowledgeable management team that is aware of environmental issues
• Practices and operations that are environmentally sustainable
• Products that aim to address environmental problems and problems
• Promising customer feedback
• Adequate revenue to create and accomplish environmental projects
• Milestones of achievements and consistency in fulfilling projects for three years or more
• Use of energy efficient facilities and instruments in the workplace
• Actively engaged in spreading awareness about environmental issues

Sustainable Environmental Act (SEA) ™

Real businesses are those that comply with existing laws, standards, and guidelines. For businesses to operate, they should meet these existing standards. Various organizations assess the programs of business before granting these firms licenses or permits to operate. If companies fail to comply with laws and rules, they could be penalized, limited by restrictions on operations, or worse, shut down or closed. To comply with the Sustainable Environmental Act, BIOTECH FOUNDATION, INC. ™ anticipates creating Codes of Conduct based on the laws and policies encapsulated in the Act. In this way, the organization would be able to set rules in the workplace environment that complies with the legislation and policies in the Act.

BTFI Online Library
Aside from contributing to environmental development projects in targeted communities, BIOTECH FOUNDATION, INC. ™ will also invest in the formulation of an online library. The online library will include a collection of resources about good environmental practices that will benefit people from around the globe. Contents of the online library include electronic books and journal articles. It is important to build a library of resources as reference points for individuals or organizations that would need guidance about projects and actions to address environmental issues. The online library will also provide information for those who are interested in learning more about the environment and environmental issues.
Developing an online library is a scientific project that could benefit the proposed environmental service business in addressing environmental issues, raising awareness and spreading information about these problems. These are meaningful solutions to mobilizing people and communities to engage to resolve them. Building an online library could be one of the ways to raise awareness and spread information about environmental issues. Another advantage of building an online library is that information would be reliable as the contents would glean from industry reports and other reputable sources. The proposed environmental service business could also sponsor research studies aimed towards the exploration and understanding of environmental issues and phenomena.

BIOTECH FOUNDATION, INC. ™ could also sponsor research studies to build its reputation. The goal is that the organization will invest in research studies and data mining, it would be able to prioritize important issues that aligned with its aims and objectives. Part of research could include the feasibility of its proposed plans and programs. The organization may then build its online library by sponsoring research projects or purchasing research studies conducted by independent researchers and scholars. This is a way for the team to improve its image and reputation by providing information or knowledge about environmental issues, solutions, and practices.