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BIOTECH FOUNDATION, INC. ™ is an environmental service business that aims to be the primary source of information about the environment on a global scale. Through the company’s partners, BIOTECH FOUNDATION, INC. ™ has become a 21st Century model for environmental informational source towards its objective of promoting global citizenship. By offering information sources on the environment, BIOTECH FOUNDATION, INC. ™ aims to encourage individuals around the world to take on their roles as global citizens. In other words, by informing people and spreading awareness about environmental issues and engaging them to volunteer or support environmental causes, particularly those that are promoted by the company. Furthermore, the company also aims to address the inadequacy of information about environmental issues. For example, environmental concerns in Haiti and the United States. BIOTECH FOUNDATION, INC. ™ works toward the goal of providing resources to the public, which would then help guide decision making and project development for other environmental business services, projects, and initiatives.
BIOTECH FOUNDATION, INC. ™ invests in research to collate information about environmental issues around the world. Aside from sponsoring research studies, BIOTECH FOUNDATION, INC. ™ also focuses on environmental projects based in Haiti and the US. BIOTECH FOUNDATION, INC. ™ involved in environmental restoration projects for Haiti that concentrate on different areas of need in Haitian communities. One of BIOTECH FOUNDATION, INC. ™ current projects in Haiti is the “Hug a Tree” program, which aims to address deforestation in the country. Also, BIOTECH FOUNDATION, INC. ™ also involved in projects that seek to address waste management issues and the lack of clean and safe drinking in some vulnerable areas around the world. Considering the problem above, the aim of BIOTECH FOUNDATION, INC. ™ is to gather information about vulnerable targeted communities. Moreover, develop or contribute to projects that seek to restore environmental conditions, particularly the status of forests in Haitian communities and to waste management and bring clean and safe drinking water to vulnerable populations in the US. BIOTECH FOUNDATION, INC. ™ however, cannot do it alone. At present, the organization’s capabilities are limited and for it to fulfill its objectives and commitment to vulnerable populations around the world. Global citizenship is necessary for BIOTECH FOUNDATION, INC. ™ to accomplish its goals. For these reasons, the organization is now appealing to the public for help to restore the environment in communities in need, and reduce waste and bring clean drinking water to the communities in need. BIOTECH FOUNDATION, INC. ™ also aims to help spread awareness about the risks of poor waste management, the need for clean and safe drinking water around the world.
To achieve the organization’s purpose of becoming an environmental information source and present accomplishing its projects in Haiti and the US, BIOTECH FOUNDATION, INC. ™ is willing to undertake several programs to earn the target funding to realize its projects.
Thank you for your engagement.
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